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Athletes at the professional level all share the


1% mindset theory.

However, even within their small communities, the cream still rises to the top,


and we start seeing the great athletes – 


or the 1% of the 1% –

rise up.

why ?

We know everyone that's made it that far are good athletes and efficient.


Unfortunately, sports doesn’t favor efficiency.

It favors and pays very well for consistency. 

With the True Mindsets approach, we ...

to maximize your potential both personally and professionally.

Extraordinary things are possible when our actions align with specific intentions.

engage ...
engage ...
engage ...

on building a trusted and sustainable blueprint with priority set on progress and results.

focus ...
work ...

to build a personalized “mental game plan” to meet your game. The results have been progressive and some, immediate.


Everyone is different and their issues, anxieties, stresses and even confidences are unique to them.

train ...

your mind to master the art of consistency as it pertains to your professions. Each process then becomes unique to you.

true ... on every level

high school  |   college  |   pros  |   corporate

True Mindsets works with high level, committed prospects with an emphasis on organizing their performance in and out of the classroom. In the highly competitive world of college athletics, it’s important to properly educate and support these young, high achievers and help them to transition smoothly and effectively to that next level. Whether it be college or a direct road to the world of major league sports, the True Mindsets athlete is ready to compete with what's right in front of them. 

Baseball Players

High school

Football Game


College athletics is competitive and the college athlete has a lot going on. True Mindsets puts an emphasis on helping these young people understand the importance of showing up to their respective sports with the best version of themselves. This means educating them on being organized, setting intentions with both their studies as well as performance in their sports. Educating them on Standards vs. Expectations, rewiring their minds to think forward and the significance of good communication. 

True Mindsets educates on player development by putting an emphasis on the individuals who make up the team. Better people make better players! A group of individuals who understand  the concept of “intention + action = results” have the benefit of cohesiveness when it comes to competition. A team guided by True Mindsets is effective, fierce and ready for competition TOGETHER! 

Rugby Ball Kicker


True Mindsets meets the athlete where they are by identifying their highs and understanding their lows. The lifestyle of professional sports is unique and demanding. True Mindsets helps to meet the needs of the athlete both personally and professionally, connecting quickly and seeking the progress (which makes them happy) and the results (which gets them paid). 


The transactional demands of sports and the transformational necessities of being human can be complicated and cause anxieties that directly affect performance. Possessing the ability to mange both the professional side of sports and the personal is imperative for a sustainable and successful career. The True Mindsets athlete learns to work smarter not harder to achieve their personal best, season after season.

Business Meeting


True Mindsets thrives in bringing strong-minded individuals together and empowering them toward common goals as one. With the emphasis on realistic results and production, True Mindsets will elevate the individuals and educate them on leadership, internal and external motivations and the power of vulnerability. The True Mindsets executive is one who sees no limits and is fierce in the face of creativity and development. 


tried and true

The True Mindsets platform is geared toward an action-oriented process.


Predominantly in the mental skills world, there seems to be a projection of ideas or potential motivators projected onto an athlete.

As great of an idea as it may seem – or even an external, in the moment motivator – it’s temporary and almost is never going to work for an athlete in the “action” moment.


It’s similar to an actor when the director calls for “action”, the actor must be present in the moment with his or her given script and then add that to the action scene. The more present the actor is, combined with a clear intention and an aligned action, the more compelling and believable the story is that the actor is bringing to life.


For an athlete, the more specific the intention is, followed by an aligned action, the more probability an athlete will give him/herself for that positive result. 

Listening with intention and following with an action-oriented game plan is crucial to forward motion and building the connection worthy of immediate progress and results.


A simplified routine, gratitude, accountability, consistency, organization, resiliency, and having the ability to bring the energy again and again are crucial to a sustainable career. 

The first task is meeting the athlete where they are mentally and emotionally.


Based on the conversation and answers to some vulnerable questions, True Mindsets meets the athlete where they are and progress begins there. 

Lead with your mind. See how your performance and contract can follow.

in their words ...

Danielle’s drive, intelligence and ability to listen with compassion and integrity allows her to create a safe environment for athletes to strip away all the false narratives and formulate a true road map of success.

Glenallen Hill (former MLB player and coach)

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